The use of ceramic tiles outside kitchens and bathrooms has only recently begun. Now it is used for cladding hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, balconies. But before you buy a tile, you need to evaluate its appearance, take into account the characteristics. How to understand complex terms, manufacturing technologies, and not miscalculate the price of tiles? We will help you!

For indoor installation, you can buy ceramic tiles of any firing without restrictions. However, it should be clearly understood that only monocotture is suitable for outdoor work. It has a small number of pores, that is, it does not absorb moisture, does not crack in the cold. Ceramic wall tiles are not suitable for flooring. It is not resistant to abrasion, can be slippery or burst from excessive pressure. Therefore, floor ceramics always have an increased thickness, a certain degree of abrasion, and an anti-slip surface.

We are pleased to offer our clients a wide range of ceramic tiles - from traditional cozy home collections to premium models ideal for prestigious hotels and restaurants. You can always buy ceramic tiles, mosaics, decor, clinker, as well as porcelain stoneware for objects with a high operational load, including offices, shops and shopping centers.

Ceramic tiles are widely used in the decoration of floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. It is used not only in residential premises, but also in healthcare institutions, shopping centers, offices, swimming pools, etc. It is a versatile material that has a number of advantages:

  1. Hygiene. Bacteria do not develop on the surface of such cladding, therefore it is suitable for finishing floors and walls, even in operating rooms.
  2. Environmental friendliness. The material contains only natural components that do not have a radiation background.
  3. Fire resistance. The material is non-flammable, does not emit toxic gases when heated. Has the ability to protect the lined surface from fire.
  4. Chemical inertness. Ceramic does not react with alkali and acid.
  5. Ease of maintenance. Ceramic cladding can be easily cleaned with any cleaning agent.
  6. Color fastness. Over time, the coating does not change color and does not fade in the sun.
  7. Profitable price. Due to the wide variety of manufacturers of this material, you can find the right solution even for a limited budget.

Ceramic tiles open up wide possibilities for interior decoration. It is available in a variety of colors and textures, imitating wood, leather, stone and other materials.